© 2019 Cloud Inspired Heroes

A St.Richards Episcopal Church Outreach Project

Winter Park, FL


About Cloud Inspired Heroes

If dogs could talk what a different perspective we would all see. Well, now they can! Cloud Inspired Heroes are dogs from the community that have chosen a cause they would like to represent by sending out letters to people that would like to have the encouragement, understanding,and love of a dog. It gets even better! You can write back and forth too! This is a St. Richards Winter Park Outreach Project.

How it works

1. View the Cloud Inspired Hero Website

2. Choose which Cloud Inspired Hero you would like to hear from (ex.Pink Leash Warrior)

3. Enter your name and address on the form and hit "Send and Dispatch"

4. A Cloud Inspired Hero will soon be dispatched 

5. Prepare to receive your first letter in the mail

6. Feel free to write back and look forward to your next letter


The purpose of Cloud Inspired Heroes is to connect people together through dogs while providing the dog perspective on matters that simply just need love.